Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit

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You are purchasing a Brand New Genuine HAWK Retail Boxed Universal Unique 360 Degree Full Rotation Angle Random Coded Wireless Remote Central Locking System Direct From UK Based Manufacturer.




  1. QUICK AND EASY FITTING ON ALL CARS. You can fit HAWK wireless remote control central door locking yourselves in the time it takes your family to watch a Saturday afternoon movies. HAWK wireless remote central door locking is designed for ease of fitting and no specialist knowledge is need to understand it( full diagramatic instructions with pack).
  2. ALL ROUND CONVENIENCE FOR YOU AND YOUR PASSENGERS. No more walking round the car to make sure your passenger have locked their doors.
  3. SIMULTANEOUSLY OPERATES FRONT AND REAR DOOR LOCKS. HAWK have developed this system to be totally compatible with all makes of car and function with existing door lock mechanisms( except some FORD cars with cable, need special adaptor). Your existing car key continues to operate the locks. You will be able to enjoy the benefits now and reap the benefits when you sell the car, as central door locking will undoubtedly be a selling feature.
  4. ADDED SECURITY AND SAFETY FOR YOUR PASSENGERS. Car thieves come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them simply want to take advantage of an unlocked door to relieve you of your car radio etc. Others want to take your car for a joy ride. Others want to take your car. The thing is, not to make their 'Job' easier by running the risk pf forgetting to lock a door. With HAWK wireless remote central locking, when you've locked the drivers door you know you've locked the others,giving you peace of mind.
  5. Don't be a victim. Make sure your 4 Door Remote Central Door Locking uses Random Coded remote controls like HAWK CDL-04R, if remote controls are not Random Coded;any one with cheap scanner or with Laptop with suitable software can grab your remote control keycode and open doors without any key. Your car is precious to you, would you compromise on Car's security for sakes of few pence?

This system has one master solenoid/control that has 5 wires. This means that the driver had full control over the locking/unlocking of all four doors. It can be upgraded to 5 doors. Please visit our Ebay shop for additional motor.

This system is Patented 360 degree full rotation for head for extremely easy fit. This Unique system is not available any where in the UK.

Important note: Cable operated locks such as Ford, Mercedes Sprinter/Vito, some newer Vauxhalls will require 

TWO  :  Cable Adaptor Kit




Product Reviews

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Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 08/22/2018

review by: Isla Richards


I've had this in my Peugeot 205 for several years now, with no faults at all.
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 08/22/2018

review by: John


Fitted this system to a 25 year old G Wagen which has central locking...but requires the key in the door to operate it. fitted the master solenoid to the drivers door.. connected to the locking button ,now i can open and lock all doors using the keyfob.. great simple system easy to fit.. works a treat. and only £20 .. best of all UK made.
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 06/30/2017

review by: Anthony


WOW - Super quick delivery!!

The components are very well made, well packaged and so simple to setup.

Fitted to my 1991 Defender in a few hours, hardest part as undoing the 25 year old rusted bolts holding the window regulator in place!!

Once fitted, it was tested and works superbly. The front locks had to be reversed to actuate in the right direction, but that is a simple case of swapping the blue and green wires and also the white and brown...simple.

Routed the wiring appropriately which is probably the longest part of the job. I used some 8mm split corrugated plastic tube for protection. Maybe Hawk could include a similar product, but it is easily available from the likes of Amazon etc.

Only negative aspects (and they are not in anyway a show stopper) is the length of the red and black power leads are a tad short, but you can join additional cabling to them, and also the fixing strips - only 4 come with the kit, I need a couple extra for the way my actuators were mounted, so I made some from some strip aluminium I had. I wonder if Hawk could sell additional fixing strips separately so others may purchase the required amount...they probably already do and I missed it!

All in all a fantastic piece of kit and a very very worthwhile addition to any vehicle, not just a 25 year old Defender!
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 04/07/2013

review by: George Halid


Absolutely brilliant! Ordered Thursday delivered Saturday. Excellent!!
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 08/14/2012

review by: MaxsoundCarAudio Uk


Great product that simply works a treat ! MaxsoundCarAudio Uk
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 05/25/2012

review by: Simon


AAAA11111 service, very quick thanks, 4th set always good
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 05/24/2012

review by: Ian Chappell


Quick delivery. Excellent bit of kit. Installed over the weekend from scratch!
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 03/05/2012

review by: Dave Russ


Fitted to my saxo in 2.5 hours. Amazing value for money. Very pleased.
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 01/17/2012

review by: Szymon


my vans now able to be locked
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 01/04/2012

review by: Cathy


Fast shipping, Car locking kit looks good.
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 09/20/2011

review by: Sarah


Quick delivery , good instructions easy to install. Many thanx.
Review: Universal 4 Door Remote Central Locking Kit 01/05/2011

review by: Karl


express postage.item in great condition,first class service,thank you

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