Parking 6 Sensors 2 Front & 4 Rear Reversing Kit

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(Splice connector included free of charge)

Unique Parking System got 2 different sounds for Front & Back. High Tone for Rear Sensors & Low tone for Front Sensors

HAWK are proud to be first to market unique parking sensor kit  that has a total of 6 sensors. Four to be mounted at rear and 2 sensors mounted at Front. A Speaker (not Buzzer) comes with the system for mounting any where in the car which gives audible bleeps with increasing frequency as you get closer to an obstacle.

Parking Sensors Kit will fit easily to virtually any car or Van *

This parking sensors system likes most of original parking sensor system from car Manufacturer, using Speaker warning system, but not any display unit. The speaker can be fix any where in the car. The warning Speaker sound in difference frequency according to different distances.

How it works

The system works by radiating an ultrasonic beam covering the rear of the vehicle. The beam is reflected by obstructions and re-enter the sensors. The reflected beam information is processed to calculate the distance of the obstruction.

System switches on automatically when reversing gear selected, all 6 sensors activated at same time. Parking Sensor kit can be manually activated by pressing brake pedal twice rapidly. Parking sensor remain active for approx 30 Seconds after coming out of  reverse gear.

With built in custom Digital Signal Processor (DSP), HAWK Parking sensor gives out 2 diffrent sounds for Front & Rear Sensors, so you know which sensors activated. No other parking sensor kit in the world got this feature.

This system can be used as either 4 Sensors kit or 2 Sensors kit.


No routine maintenance or adjustment is required. Dirt, frost or snow accumulated on the sensors may cause the system to activate incorrectly. Clean carefully with a soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or spirits. Applying hot water in frozen conditions may damage the sensors. The sensors can be washed carefully with warm soapy water

The pleasant convenience brought to you by this radar system will deeply impress you especially in bad weather or at night.
Enjoy your easy driving now!

Supplied with easy to fit instructions- YOU CAN EASILY FIT IT YOURSELF OR ANY AUTO-ELECTRICIAN

Important note:

Sensor Colours are Black.

Our sensors especially designed for easy spray painting to match your vehicle colour. Other sellers sell different coloured sensors, which do not match original vehicle colour. You will still have to re-spray to match the original vehicle colour. Therefore it is false economy purchase different coloured sensors.
You may need to fit a relay for some newer CANBUS cars as they cannot provide enough amperage (power) from reversing light. Relay is NOT included.

  • 6x sensors
  • Diameter for Drilling: 21.5mm (drill bit supplied)
  • Cable Length: Front 6m (can be extended by using microphone wire)
  • Cable Length: Rear 2m (can be extended by using microphone wire)
  • Ultra small sensor head for accurate reading
  • Heavy rain proof design
  • All weather design (-40° c ~ + 80° c)
  • Anti-false alarm technology for reliability
  • Micro Processor control (Full Digital )
  • British designed
  • CE approved
  • 1 year warranty **

Kit includes:-

  • 6 Ultrasonic sensor heads-  (sensor colour is black ) can be easily spray painted.
  • 1 x Speaker
  • Ultra small control - to be placed in the boot of your car.
  • Drill bit for accurately drilling the exact size hole in the rear bumper to recess the sensors.
  • Cables & Splice Connector
  • British English user's manual with installation guide


 * Exclude CANBUS system.

 ** 1 year warranty is non-transferable and is only valid if this kit has been installed by a professional and does not cover accidental damage, damage due to misuse, incorrect installation, replacement batteries, loss due to theft and all other damage that is not considered to be a manufacturing fault

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