Parking 6 Sensors Front And Back Lcd Talking + Buzzer Metric System

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You are purchasing brand new Genuine Retail boxed HAWK Reversing Angel Direct from Largest O.E.M UK Manufacturer, Parking Sensors Kit will fit easily to virtually any car or Van.



 Our Patented Auto learning system allows you to install on vehicle with metal bar, tow bar or spare wheel and comes with waterproof connectors for easy fitting. 



 We've all done it, reversing into that tight space or perhaps where there is a low wall or unseen bollard and crunch! - an expensive scrape on the body work, an ugly dent in the bumper or worse !

The HAWK Reversing Angel® from Commercial Electronics puts an end to the reversing lottery. The HAWK Reversing Angel® is like having in both the front and back of your vehicle and can help you avoid costly accidents and injuries.

It is a perfect parking aid for backing up/reverse parking, street parking, parallel parking, garage parking and wherever parking in tight spot ....

It can detect still and moving objects including children and small pets in both front and rear blind area of your vehicle. Two sensors embedded into into the front bumper and four sensors embedded into rear bumper detect objects up to 4 feet from the vehicle.

Your small kids or pets will never again be in danger of getting in the way of your vehicle while you are parking/backing up.

You never again have to get someone to watch the rear or front of your vehicle while parking.

With this 6 front & back sensor parking system, you won't have to worry about getting too close to the car in front and rear of your vehicle, or scrapping them while getting our of a right parking spot.

The HAWK Reversing Angel® latest and most advanced automatic reversing system 'TELLS' the driver in a clear female voice the distance remaining as the car parks. As you engage reverse gear the reversing aid activated, then as you reverse, it 'TELLS' you the distance between vehicle and hazard , when it reaches danger point female voice says "STOP ... STOP". Each has its own seperate indicator on the display so you know exactly which sensor has detected obstacle.

With flick of switch you can also change to buzzer mode.

With supplied Micro Switch you can temporally activate all sensors 2 minutes, it's especially useful when parking car into a garage without having to engage reverse gear.

Supplied with easy to fit instructions - YOU CAN EASILY FIT IT YOURSELF. There are three wires to be connected from the main control unit to your car rear lights and the rest is marked to plug and go (red wire for connecting to ignition switch , yellow wire to connecting to back up light (+) and black wire for connecting to chasis ground).

All Parking Sensors are 100% inspected and tested by ICT testers (72 Hours Burn-in test) for ZERO DEFECTS using latest SMT technology.


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  • Auto Learning - Now there is no problem for you if you try our auto learning function, you will get the correct distance to the obstacle, no matter you are using metal bar, tow bar, or spare wheel for your 4 x 4 vehicle. Automatic sensing the metal bar, tow bar or spare wheel and saving the position in its EPROM.
  • The parking sensor system is designed for both front and rear obstacle detection. It comes with 6 ultra wide angle sensors to give excellent coverage of both front and rear end of your vehicle.
  • Once installed in the bumpers, the in-bumper type sensors give the look of factory installed system.
  • The system is powered by tapping into the wires of ignition switch and back up light. The front sensors and rear sensors are activated automatically when vehicle is put in reverse. Or you can press supplied Micro switch to temporally activate all sensors, it's especially useful when parking car into a garage without engaging reverse gear.
  • The system has both visual digital obstacle distance alert and audible female voice command.
  • Each sensor has its own seperated indicator on the display so you know exactly which sensor detected obstacle.
  • LCD display showing distance with patented "any angle" feature, i.e. display can be adjusted to your viewing need.
  • Sensors work in plastic and metal bumpers.
  • The system is built to last, can withstand bad weather and road shock.
  • Waterproof connector- We have developed special waterproof connector to protect the connection between main unit and sensors. This not only gives you safety of waterproof connection and also makes easier to replace the bad sensor in case it happens.
  • Sensors can also be spray painted to match the color of your vehicle if wanted.
  • Installation instruction British English is provided.
  • 6 Ultrasonic sensor heads - to be fitted on the front and rear bumper of your car (sensor colour is black ) can be easily spray painted.
  • one small control unit to be placed in the boot of your car.
  • LCD Display that has sepetate external speaker with on/off switch and has double sided sticker that you can place according to your choice and remove whenever you like.

All leads and Drill bit supplied.

Tech Parameters:

CE approved

Working voltage: 12v DC

Working Temperature: -25 ~ +70°

Detcting distance: 0.2m ~ 1.2m

Volume of speaker: 78db


  • 6 x Ultrasonic sensors with waterproof connectors.
  • Main system control box.
  • Nearly credit card sized LCD display (3.17"x2"x0.5")
  • Drill bit
  • 1 Micro switch
  • Power supply cable (3 pin connector)
  • Easy to follow British English User / Install manual
  • Retail Colour gift box.
  • 1 Year warranty.

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Review: Parking 6 Sensors Front And Back Lcd Talking + Buzzer Metric System 01/05/2011

review by: Mark


thanks all works very good , great product, top seller recommend A+++++++++++++

Hi there,

I’ve got a question about (HRA-7800G2) and was hoping you could help. My question for you is: