Motorcycle Talking Alarms + Tilt Sensor + Battery Backup Siren

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All New HAWK X-60 Pro Series Motorcycle Alarm System.

Our Alarm system got built in unique Anti-Temper technology, nearly all motorbikes or scooters alarm can be disarmed within seconds by short circuiting one of  indicator lamp. With our system it is impossible to so.



Eco- Mode for Long term parking virtually consuming Zero current.

Secure override facility in the event of loss or damage to transmitters via personal pin code.

GENTLE SOFT TONE ARMING OR DISARMING CHIRP TO COMPLY WITH EU REGULATIONS (Will not scare your neighbour or your cat !!! especially at night time)

We use clear digitally mastered British English voice recorded in a studio England to greet you:
When system armed alarm will say "HAWK system armed " . When system disarmed alarm will say "HAWK system disarmed and many more. If voice turned off chirps will be heard.
We are only company on web to provide comprehensive wiring diagram for your bike in order to make job of installing your alarm much easier, it is provided free of charge at your request, see below for details.

We have written our own motorcycle wiring diagrams, including the wire colours and wiring position on your motorbike. We have details for nearly all Japanese motorcycles, Chinese motorcycles, Italian motorcycles, Peugeot motorcycle, Triumph motorcycle, KTM motorcycle, Aprila motorcycle, MBK motorbikes, BMW motorcycle, the list goes on... We also supply special, one off, motorcycle alarm fitting diagrams to those with modified bikes at no extra charge - we just need a copy of your wire diagram to do this.
(When paying through Paypal, Please write the make and model on the notes section of the paypal payment page)
HAWK® Motorcycle alarm products are also acknowledged by DIY installers as one of the easiest to install and all functions controlled by on board 8bit Microprocessor. You only need to connect 3 wires to get alarm up & running. For advanced installation see supplied very easy to follow step by step install manual.

Here is a typical example of wiring diagram

Power Supply - Connect the positive and the negative supply wires of the alarm system direct to the battery terminals.

Engine immobilisation- Cut the YELLOW wire of the white 4 way connector that is available inside the rubber protection boot behind the right fairing, near the starter solenoid.

Ignition controlled positive supply - Connect to the GREEN/WHITE wire of the white 2 way connector. This connector is available inside the rubber protection boot behind the right frame, near the starter solenoid.

Left & Right turn indicators- Connect to the ORANGE and LIGHT BLUE wires of the rear turn indicators.

Remote Engine Start - Connect to YELLOW/RED wire located at starter solenoid loom.


Aprila, Benelli, Beta, Bimota, BMW, Buell, Cagiva, Derbi, Ducati, Gilera, Guzzi, Harley Davisdon, Honda,Hyosung, Italjet, Kwasaki, KTM, Kymco, Malguti, MBK, Morton, MV, Peugeot, PGO, Piaggio, Suzuki, SYM, Triumph, Yamaha & many more.



Alarm system comes with battery back up siren. If there is any interruption of power to the alarm (e.g. motorcycle battery disconnection or cut wires) the rechargeable Ni-Cad battery will take over and keep the siren sounding for up to 30 minutes.

Alarm system also comes with HAWK GUARD HA-TS01 new generation , digital 3D tilt & shock sensor. The tilt sensor detects when the Bike is being raised in an attempt remove the wheel or tow the Bike and shock sensor detects the knock on the parked Bike.

HAWK HA-X60TB Remote Engine Start Alarm Features:


•Military Grade (Anti-Scan/ Grabber) random encryption remote controls.
•Custom software based masked into 8Mhz microprocessor to give total computer control if entire system.
•Talking voice alarm system, voice can be turned off or on again if required
•Anti Temper Technology
•Hi-Tech  nearly credit card sized rainproof casing
•Built in immobiliser system designed for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine
•Ferry Mode
•Valet Mode
•Remote Engine Start-up Fully true key less drive just press button on remote control & way you go, other makes of alarm you have to put key into ignition switch then press remote button to start.
•Auto rearming (can be turned off via remote control)
•Current sensor to prevent hot wiring
•Silent Arm /  Silent Disarm (to comply with EU regulations)
•Multi-Function Bright Blue Waterproof LED
•Alarm Memory (let's you know whether your bike being tampered with)
•Built in 3D Dual axis shock Sensor adjustable by remote control (can be turned off via remote control)
•Eprom for Memory back-up
•Pin-Code Secure Override
•Bike finder / Panic
•Professional 125db tone siren
•Eco Mode low current drain for long term parking
•Low remote battery warning indicator
•Auxiliary input
•Auxiliary output for optional GSP/GSM tracking device (coming soon) or battery backup siren etc




You will get the following:

Genuine HAWK retail box
2 Miniature Hi-Tech splash proof carbon coated remote controls
1 Nearly credit size compact control module
1 Black professional  125db miniature siren
1 Battery backup siren
1 Tilt Sensor
1 Black speaker
1 HAWK neck strap
1 HAWK Security sticker
1  Very easy to follow step by step British user / Install manual
Various cables & harness with waterproof fuses
Ultra bright low current waterproof blue LED


This alarm works with any 12v machine including trikes and ATV's.
Motorcycle alarm is suitable for followings:
Aprila motorcycle alarms, Benelli motorcycle alarms , Beta motorbike alarms, Bimota motorcycle alarms, BMW motorcycle alarms, Buell motorcycle alarms, Cagiva motorcycle alarms, Derbi motorcycle alarms, Ducati motorcycle alarms, Gilera motorcycle alarms, Guzzi motorcycle alarms, Harley Davisdon motorcycle alarms, Honda motorcycle alarms,Hyosung motorcycle alarms, Italjet motorcycle alarms, Kwasaki motorbike alarms, KTM motorcycle alarms, Kymco motorcycle alarms, Malguti motorbike alarms, MBK motorcycle alarms, Morton motorcycle alarms, MV motorcycle alarms, Peugeot motorcycle alarms, PGO motorcycle alarms, Piaggio motorcycle alarms, Suzuki motorcycle alarms, SYM motorcycle alarms, Triumph motorbike alarms, Yamaha motorcycle alarms & many more.

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Review: Motorcycle Talking Alarms + Tilt Sensor + Battery Backup Siren 12/15/2013

review by: Dirk E.


I bought this hawk x60 in May this year to install it on my Buell xb12ss Lightning Long.

Installation was pretty easy (know-how about electric and wiring is a must have!) having the wiring plan of my Buell.

The alarm itself works pretty good. However I have to admit that the siren itself could be louder - but works out good.

The 'talking'-module is pretty cool saying "motorcycle armed", "please step away - this motorcycle is armed", "motorcycle disarmed" and my favorite "please drive safefly" when you start the ignition.

I am just wondering why my backup siren is not working any longer. Maybe it died. Hopefully not.

But however this alarm is worth every penny. Here in Germany you spend 179€ for a professional alarm system offering the same Options.
Review: Motorcycle Talking Alarms + Tilt Sensor + Battery Backup Siren 10/31/2012

review by: MaxsoundCarAudio Uk


Another great product from hawk !

Hi there,

I’ve got a question about (HA-X60TB) and was hoping you could help. My question for you is: