Motorcycle Motorbike Battery Charger Optimiser UK, EU & USA Plug 12v

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Now with Free SAE Waterproof  Lead with in-built fuse for battery protection RRP £7.99   

An intelligent motorcycle battery charger designed to deliver the exact amount of charge automatically every time. The unit is micro-processor controlled suitable for charging lead acid batteries. The charging regime is designed to give maximum life expectancy for the batteries. A sophisticated software program continuously monitors the battery to maintain it in peak condition and to make sure that the battery is 100% charged when ready for use.

 HAWK CH-01 is an affordable 6-step battery optimiser specially designed for modern 12V starter batteries. Now with improved waterproof  SAE connector.

A specially designed  waterproof fused SAE lead which can be connected permanently  on your motorcycle battery all year round. Enables you to quickly connect to HAWK CH-01 battery chargers without having to remove any panels or seats. Eyelets to one end and plug adapter on the other.

Once the battery has been charged it will be maintained by the charger, making sure it's in peak condition when you need it to be.

Using HAWK CH-01 charger will prolong the life of your battery, saving you time and money in the future.

Truly Universal worldwide Charger with Auto Voltage selection without having to select correct voltage input.

Charging Steps:

Step 1:
Voltage Section
Auto Input Voltage Selection: 110v ~ 240v

Step 2:
Checks the battery voltage to make sure battery connections are good and the battery is in a stable condition before beginning the charge process.

Step 3:
Soft Start
Begins Bulk charging process with a gentle (soft) charge.

Step 4:
Continues Bulk charging process, returns 90% of battery capacity.

Step 5:
Brings the charge level to 100%. The battery charger will deliver small amounts of current to provide a safe,efficient charge and limit battery gassing.

Step 6:
Monitors the battery voltage continuously to determine if a maintenance charge should be initiated. Maintenance cycle is repeated indefinitely to keep the battery at full charge, without overcharging. The battery charger can be left connected indefinitely.

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