Motorcycle Alarm with GPS/GPS Tracker

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X-50 GPS
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HAWK X-50 Motorcycle Alarm with GPS/GSM Tracker.

The HAWK GPS-01 is an ideal Vehicle tracking device. Its small size makes it easy to place in any vehicle, giving you the real-time updates you need.

Vehicle tracking devices have always been popular attracted by the anti-theft benefits and locate the vehicle via mobile phone.

The problem is that, up to now, vehicle tracking devices tie users into a contract. On top of this there's a fixed monthly charge. The system becomes expensive.

We at Hawk Car Alarms have come up with a solution. We launched HAWK GPS-01 the first vehicle tracking device that's available on a genuine Pay-As-You-Use basic. There's no contract and no monthly fee. You simply insert the sim card, just as you would with PAYG mobile phone and top up when you need to. So you genuinely only pay for what you use. No contracts, no direct debts to sign, no hidden extra and no hassle.

HAWK GPS- 01 vehicle tracker comes with a superb range of additional features, also at no extra charge. For example, if a vehicle is towed away, or even if the battery goes flat, it sends a text alert to the user's mobile. HAWK GPS 01 can also be used remotely immobilise the vehicle - invaluable if the vehicle is stolen.

Enjoy an unlimited power supply while the Vehicle is running and, if the Vehicle battery is disconnected, the HAWK GPS-01's backup battery will continue to provide location information -- ideal for recovering a vehicle if it's been stolen. The backup battery will last at least approx 12 minutes.

HAWK GPS-01 tracking system comes with HAWK X-50 Motorcycle Alarm.

Click for HAWK X-50 Motorcycle Alarm System Specification

HAWK-GPS 01 GPS/GSM Tracker:

GPS Specifications:

Power Specifications:


Reception Mode:

12 channels in parallel

Power Voltage:

DC 6-12v


1575.42 Mhz   C/A





Largest Transient Current



<10 Meters ( in open field)

Sleep Mode:


Data Update:

1Hz Continuous update



GPS Position time:

Cold boot @ 38 seconds, warm boot @ 10 seconds



System restart time:

15 seconds



Work temperature

-20 C - +70 C

I/O port



20% ~ 80%

Unit Volume

60x46x24 (mm)

Support press


GSM Frequency :

850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

Waterproof Grade:


Unit Weight Approx


Battery Backup




HAWK X-50 Alarm System:

Military Grade (Anti-Scan/ Grabber) random encryption remote controls.
Custom software based masked into 8Mhz microprocessor to give total computer control if entire system.
Anti Temper Technology
Hi-Tec  nearly credit card sized waterproof casing
Built in immobiliser system designed for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine
Ferry Mode
Valet Mode
Remote Engine Start-up Fully true key less drive just press button on remote control & way you go, other      makes of alarm you have to put key into ignition switch then press remote button to start.
Auto rearming (can be turned off via remote control)
Current sensor to prevent hot wiring
Silent Arm /  Silent Disarm (to comply with EU regulations)
Multi-Function Bright Blue Waterproof LED
Alarm Memory (let's you know whether your bike being tampered with)
Built in 3D Dual axis shock Sensor adjustable by remote control (can be turned off via remote control)
Eprom for Memory back-up
Bike finder / Panic
Professional 125db tone siren
Eco Mode low current drain for long term parking
Pin-Code Emergency Override
Low remote battery warning indicator
Auxiliary input
Auxiliary output for optional Tilt Sensor or battery backup siren etc

HAWK -X50 Motorcycle Alarm

2 miniature Hi-Tec splash proof carbon coated remote controls
1  nearly credit size compact control module
1 Black professional 6 tone 125db miniature siren
1 HAWK neck strap
1 HAWK Security sticker
1  Very easy to follow step by step British user / Install manual
Various cables & harness with waterproof fuses
Ultra bright low current waterproof blue LED


Immobiliser Relay with socket
4 x screws
Gift box
User / Install Manual downloaded via

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