Hawk Universal 4 Door Central Locking Kit (12v)

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  1. QUICK AND EASY FITTING ON ALL CARS. You can fit HAWK central door locking yourselves in the time it takes your family to watch a Saturday afternoon movies. HAWK central door locking is designed for ease of fitting and no specialist knowledge is need to understand it( full diagramatic instructions with pack).
  2. ALL ROUND CONVENIENCE FOR YOU AND YOUR PASSENGERS. No more walking round the car to make sure your passenger have locked their doors.
  3. SIMULTANEOUSLY OPERATES FRONT AND REAR DOOR LOCKS. HAWK have developed this system to be totally compatible with all makes of car and function with existing door lock mechanisms( except some FORD cars with cable, need special adaptor. Your existing car key continues to operate the locks. You will be able to enjoy the benefits now and reap the benefits when you sell the car, as central door locking will undoubtedly be a selling feature.
  4. ADDED SECURITY AND SAFETY FOR YOUR PASSENGERS. Car thieves come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them simply want to take advantage of an unlocked door to relieve you of your car radio etc. Others want to take your car for a joy ride. Others want to take your car. The thing is, not to make their 'Job' easier by running the risk pf forgetting to lock a door. With HAWK central locking, when you've locked the drivers door you know you've locked the others,giving you peace of mind.

This system has one master solenoid/control that has 5 wires. This means that the driver had full control over the locking/unlocking of all four doors. It can be upgraded to 5 doors.

Important note: Cable operated locks such as Ford, Mercedes Sprinter/Vito, some newer Vauxhalls will require 

TWO  :  Cable Adaptor Kit

Technical Specification:

    Fits all vehicles-direct gear gun type
    High torque motor
    Rive and Ultrasonic welding
    Finest/engineering plastic casting for cold/hot weather
    Key and door-button operation
    Universal hardware accessories
    Front door control actuator(s)
    compatible with remote security (-) lock/unlock outputs
    Unique design with double slide; durable and never get stuck
    Ultrasonic soldering, water and dust resistant
    High torque and strong electromotor
    Using wires and materials with UL accreditation
    Using plug/socket compatible with alarm system
    Compatible with all cars and alarm system
    Water-resistant design
    Double roll construction
    Japanese tech-motor
    Long life
    Metal master gear, lubricated by itself
    High tension motor of more than 3 kilograms
    360-degree omnidirectional turning

You will get the following:

    1 main procseeing unit
    1 master door solenoids (5 wires)
    3 slave door solenoids (2 wires)
    All necessary wires, fixtures, nuts & bolts
    Wiring diagram with Step-by Step Fitting Instruction with Photos + helpline details

There are also two wire that you can connect up to your alarm system giving you the ability to activate/deactivate your alarm and lock/unlock your doors at the push of a button using your alarm remote control.

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