Hawk Microwave Radar Sensor

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Radar Proximity Motion Sensor For Car & Motorbike Alarms
Compatible with all HAWK alarm systems.
Works Like a Force Field Around Your Car.

Microwave sensor - Microwave sensor transmits an invisible electronic field inside the vehicle. When the field is disturbed the alarm will trigger. The interior zone instantly blasts the full alarm if someone leans into the passenger compartment. Especially recommended for convertibles and other soft-sided or open vehicles.

An adjustable radar-based sensor that detects mass. As it is not affected by wind, noise or temperature, it is ideal for protecting the interior of convertibles even with the top down!
Its small size allows the Microwave Sensor to be mounted almost anywhere.
In addition,microwave technology does not require line of sight like most infrared units.
This allows the Microwave Sensor be hidden behind plastic,wood, fiberglass, cloth, glass, etc  and not effect the aesthetics of your installation.
  • Low emission, Low power consumption
  • Field settle time 5sec

Input Voltage 9 - 15 Volt.

  • Triggered output rating 500mA
  • Operating temperatures -35 to +80C

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Review: Hawk Microwave Radar Sensor 06/30/2017

review by: Chris


I bought a Hawk HA240 alarm kit which includes one of these dual stage proximity sensors. The sensor works very well and can be tuned to chirp the alarm if a person gets close to the car, triggering full alarm if they persist. Mine is positioned inside a plastic dashboard and is very consistent in its sensitivity.

Hi there,

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