Easy Fit Motorcycle GPS GSM Text Alert Tracker Alarm

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You are purchasing Genuine  Demon D1 Motorcycle Alarm with XFinder X1 GSM/GSM Text Alert Tracker

Designed & Engineered in UK

Secure discover and track your bike. 

Get notified on your phone if someone touches you bike, starts it or moves it.
Find your bike anywhere in the world.

Locate and interact with your bike from anywhere in the world.
Free XFinder App on Google Play or Apple Store
Remote Ignition Disable - Via Xfinder App or SMS text commmand. Cancel remote engine disable via Xfinder App or SMS text command.

1 year Free subscription provided, can be extended further year for modes fee.

SMS commands method always free for life.

Use pay as you go sim cards from following networks:  EE, Vodaphone & O2
Very Easy to install  - only two wires for Motorcycle Alarm- Wiring as follows: RED Wire to (+) Positive Battery & GREEN Wire to (-) Negative.

XFinder GPS/GSM Tracker wiring  - White wire of Alarm to White wire of Tracker. Red wire of tracker to positive terminal of battery. Black wire of Tracker to negative terminal of battery. Job Done !! 

Designed & Engineered in UK

Now with Genuine 64bit Military Grade (Anti-Scan/ Grabber/ Anti Hacker) random encryption billions of codes remote controls.

When armed each time give out 64bit encrypted (Hacker proof) new random code, same as our other expensive HAWK alarms.

Other Make of alarms may have billions of codes , but give out same fixed code every time armed.
Built in solid state 3D Dual axis shock/Impact Sensor adjustable by remote control.

Very Easy fit - only two wires- Wiring as follows: RED Wire to (+) Positive Battery & GREEN Wire to (-) Negative Battery. Job Done !!

Alarm will fit any 12v Bikes,Quads and Scooters.

  • Very Easy fit - only two wires- Wiring as follows: RED Wire to (+) Positive Battery & GREEN Wire to (-) Negative Battery. Job Done !!
  • Power Saving - Ai controlled solid state CPU monitor state of Vehicle battery. If vehicle battery power low, alarm automatically switches to energy saving mode. Otherwise alarm switch to energy saving mode after approx 2 days ( can be disabled by fob)
  • The Smart Siren - Programmable Siren tone, default single tone. Can be 6 tones if desired via remote fob.
  • Silent Arming / Disarming to comply with UK / EU Law - The alarm can be set silently without the confirmation chips.Great when parking late at night.
  • Its anti snatch anti grabbing – This is to stop professional thief's recording the transmitter signal. The Demon recognizes it as a recording and ignores it.
  • Valet Mode- If the vehicles being serviced you don't have to leave you remote.
  • LED – The Demon D1 has a very bright detachable Neon Blue LED that shows the status of your alarm. This is a great visual deterrent as it shows your vehicle is protected.
  • Memory Recall – This amazing visual feature enables you to see whether the alarm went off.
  • Memory Function- During the alert state, if the alarm detached from the bike, when restored it will "remember" the state in which was, preventing in this way every attempt of tampering.
  • Ear piercing Multi Tone -120db siren- The maximum the law allows, and you'll hear it
  • Built in very soft audible chirp (advising arming and disarming), can be set silently without the confirmation chips.
  • Low Current Consumption
  • All in one design- very small footprint (7x5.5.5x1.5cm) at present the smallest alarm in the market (Siren Built in).
  • Supplied with 2 x remote arming/disarming 64bit encrypted random key fobs, uniquely linked to the alarm.
  • Unique solid state Dual Zone Motion / Impact Sensor- Alerts with warning tone first "touch" then full siren if continued tampering, resetting after 30 seconds & re arms. No moving parts for reliability.
  • Panic button/bike finder facility
  • Three levels of adjustable sensitivity - adjustable from remote handset - no need to access the main unit just fit and forget!
  • Water Resistance- Main PCB nano coated to prevent moisture getting in & damaging main PCB.
  • Overload Protection- in line fuse to prevent alarm damage.
  •  GPS/GSM Tracker - connected to  HAWK XFinder X1 text alert GPS/GSM  Text Alert Tracker.
  • Fit with the supplied adhesive pad.

Genuine Demon retail box (box can be recycled)
2 miniature Hi-Tec remote Fobs
Detachable Very Bright Blue Neon LED
2x Cable ties
1x Double sided pad
Demon All in one Alarm
X-Finder GPS / GSM Text Alert Tracker
Very easy to follow step by step British user / Install manual

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