Car Alarm Remote Start With 4 Door Central Lock Kit

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HA-280 CDL04
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The new HAWK® HA-280CL PRO is a stylishly designed, compact, full-featured, upgrade able remote control car alarm system that will fit a vehicle. It offers an impressive line-up features including Military grade (Anti Scan) Random Encryption Coded Remote controls, Digital dual stage shock sensor, Ultrasonic sensors, starter immobilizer, current sensor and much more. All packaged with a compact digital microprocessor control module, Battery back siren and 2 miniature multi-function easy to follow 4 buttons transmitters that exhibit streamlined design with amazing functionality.

The HAWK® HA-280CL PRO is an outstanding Vehicle security system at an affordable price, simple to install and backed by HAWK's 1 year warranty.

This system will work on all passenger cars, vans and MPV with automatic AND manual transmission, petrol or diesel (special warm up function).

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Free technical support available (Tel: 0208 404 7105 ) wiring diagram can provided free of charge at purchase if required and help is only a call away should you encounter a problem while fitting the alarm.
HAWK® HA-280CL PRO Main Alarm Features:

    * Military grade (anti-scan/grabber) random encryption remote controls
    * Super Code Protection
    * Starter Immobiliser
    * Remote Engine Start-UP
    * Auto rearming
    * Automatic Rearm after Trip Cycle
    * Current Sensor
    * Silent Arm/Disarm
    * Secure Code Learning
    * Multi-function LED
    * Alarm Memory
    * Digital Dual Zone shock sensor
    * EEPROM for memory backup
    * Emergency Secure Override
    * Anti-Hijacking control
    * Car Finder / Panic
    * Ultrasonic Sensors
    * Intelligent High Power Battery Backup Siren

See Specification for more details.

Note:  Cars with Factory Fit Transponder Immobilisers If your vehicle has a factory fit immobiliser which operates from a chip embedded in the ignition key you will need one of our Transponder Bypass modules in order to use a remote starter.

Remote Start is not compatible with Mercedes Vito or any SAABs that require the car to be left in reverse gear before removing the ignition key.

Don't be a Victim. You cannot expect anyone else to protect your vehicle. You must take the responsibility by installing security that will deter, delay and defeat the determined thief. Make sure your alarm uses Random Encryption code remote controls like HAWK® HA-280 PRO using Microchip HCS301 processor, if remote control codes are not encrypted; anyone with cheap scanner from Maplin or Laptop with suitable software can grab your remote control key code and drive away without any key. Beware of fraudulent traders falsely claiming their alarm system is Random coded or contains millions of codes.

Car Alarm Product Features

Brand new sealed with 1 year manufacturer warranty
Remote engine start
2 x remote controls
Boot & bonnet protection
Flashes hazard lights
Low current consumption
Personal panic attack controlled from remote
Siren silencing
One time silent arm/disarm (via remote)
Fail safe design
Universal central door locking (15amp door lock relays built in)
Ultrasonic interior protection (it is possible to disconnect the sensor temporarily when leaving children or pets in the car)
Digital dual stage shock sensor (it is possible to disconnect the sensor temporarily when leaving children or pets in the car)
Automatic door lock / unlock when ignition on /off
Auto re-arm
Anti-car jacking
Anti-temper circuit
Engine immobiliser
False alarm monitoring
System malfunction bypass
Automatic power window closure *
Remote power window opener *
Boot release via remote *
Alarm memory
Check status  LED
Car finder
Emergency disarming override
High power latest technology battery backup micro siren
Genuine E mark, FCC
UK designed product from 20 years of manufacturing quality security products

4 Door Central Locking kit Technical Specification:

Fits all vehicles-direct gear gun type
High torque motor
Rive and ultrasonic welding
Finest/engineering plastic casting for cold/hot weather
Key and door-button operation
Universal hardware accessories
Front door control actuator(s)
Compatible with remote security (-) lock/unlock outputs
Unique design with double slide; durable and never get stuck
Ultrasonic soldering, water and dust resistant
High torque and strong electro-motor
Using wires and materials with UL accreditation
Using plug/socket compatible with alarm system
Compatible with all cars and alarm system
Double roll construction
Japanese tech-motor
Long life
Metal master gear, lubricated by itself
High tension motor of more than three kilograms
360 degree omni directional turning

You will get the following with Central locking kit:

1 main processing unit
1 master door solenoid (5 wires)
3 slave door solenoids (2 wires)
all necessary wires, fixtures, nuts & bolts
wiring diagram with step-by-step fitting instruction with photos for central door locking only + helpline details

You will get the following with alarm system:

1 x Alarm unit LOOM &  LED
2 x  remotes with batteries
1 x Ultrasonic Unit
1 x Digital dual stage shock sensor
1x immobiliser relay with socket
2 x HAWK® Security Window stickers
1 x User Manual & Fitting instructions
1 x Battery backup siren
Various cables, Key ring & chain

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