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Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors

HAWK Reversing Angel® Parking Sensors for safer parking.

Get into those tight spots WITH EASE! NO MORE BUMPS and SCRATCHES

HAWK Reversing Angel® Parking Sensors kit offers an ideal solution for demanding drivers who care for their vehicle and the safety of their loved ones. Hidden obstacles such as posts and flower-beds can cause serious damage to cars and children may be in danger during reverse manoeuvres. The parking sensors system notifies the driver of the distance and the position of obstacles by means of an acoustic beep or voice warning (on certain models of parking sensors kit), to make reverse manoeuvres safer. The parking sensors system switches on automatically when the driver selects reverse gear. The parking sensors work on cutting-edge ultrasonic detection technology and have been specially designed to blend in perfectly with your vehicle bumper.

HAWK parking sensors kit is manufactures to original equipments standards with easy to follow fitting instruction; not cheap Chinese parking sensors import.

HAWK Reversing Angel® Parking Sensors kit comes in different models to suit your requirement.
2 parking sensors kit with buzzer, 4 parking sensors kit comes with buzzer with LED display or 4 parking sensors kit comes without buzzer with LED display or unique 6 parking sensors kit with voice or buzzer with small LCD display.

Parking sensors colours are normally Black. We got WHITE coloured parking sensors, BLUE coloured parking sensosr, RED coloured parking sensors,  Dark GREY parking sensors , ( SILVER coloured Parking sensors  without waterproof connectors) can be provided at same price. 2 parking sensors model comes in Black colour only. Our parking sensors can be easily sprayed to match original vehicle colour.

HAWK ® Reversing Angel parking sensors eliminates the risk of damaging your car.

HAWK ® Reversing Angel parking sensors makes difficult manoeuvres easy.


Comprehensive Installation Instructions are included covering the easy 3-wire installation enabling any basic DIYer to install HAWK Reversing Angel® parking sensors kit without any problem.
The pleasant convenience brought to you by this radar parking sensors system will deeply impress you especially in bad weather or at night. Enjoy your easy safe driving with HAWK Reversing Angel® parking sensors kit now!

Parking sensors kit is suitable for following vehicles:

Alfa Romeo parking sensors, Audi parking sensors, BMW parking sensors, Chrysler parking sensors, Citroen parking sensors, Daewoo parking sensors, Diahatsu parking sensors, Ferrari parking sensors, Fiat parking sensors, Ford parking sensors, Honda parking sensors, Hyundai parking sensors, Isuzu parking sensors, Jaguar parking sensors, Lexus parking sensors, Lotus parking sensors, Masterati parking sensors, Mazda parking sensors, Smart parking sensors, Mercedes parking sensors, Mitsubishi parking sensors, Nissan parking sensors, Peugeot parking sensors, Porsche parking sensors, Proton parking sensors, Renault parking sensors, Rover parking sensors, Saab parking sensors, Seat parking sensors, Skoda parking sensors, Ssangyong parking sensors, Subaru parking sensors, Suzuki parking sensors, Toyota parking sensors, Tvr parking sensors, Vauxhall parking sensors, Volvo parking sensors, VW parking sensors and many more.

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